On May 22-24, MCCP partnered with both, Appalshop, a rural arts and media center in rural Kentucky, and Alternate ROOTS, a southern regional arts service organization, to host a two-day strategy session in Utica, MS. The gathering brought together leaders from diverse arts and culture organizations doing working across rural communities to discuss the opportunity to inform the development of rural narratives that reflect the complexities of rural life.

Participating Organizations:
Alternate ROOTS, Atlanta, GA
Ashe Cultural Arts Center, New Orleans, LA
Appalshop, Whitesburg, KY
First People’s Fund, Pine Ridge, SD
National Association for Latino Arts and Culture, San Antonio, TX
DaTuLe Arts Collective, Little Rock, AR
Fund for Democratic Communities, Greensboro, NC

This meeting was the first of a series of rural exchanges that will travel between several communities. MCCP is currently working on developing a report from the meeting and will share that information on the sippculture.com website when it is complete. Please stay tuned for more details.

Lori Pourier, Maria De Leon, and Carlton Turner.