Sipp CULTURE invites you to participate in a photo archive project to document past and present generations of Utica. At participating churches and scheduled public locations, we will ask community members to bring a family photo that holds a special place in your heart or a great story behind it. On the agreed day, we will have a photo-collection pop-up station where we come to your area, scan your family photo and take pictures of you holding the photo in your Sunday best. Any family or person of any age is welcome to participate. We will collect photos throughout the spring and into the summer and hold an exhibit preview in May and a final exhibition in the Fall for the community to attend. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to call Sipp Culture’s resident artist Liana Ambrose-Murray at 828-318-7887 or email


We ask that you bring photos of someone of a past generation or someone older than you, but any photo of a family member will work. For now, please limit to one picture per person. Unframed is preferred, but we will accept framed photos. In order to participate, you are not required to have your picture taken, but you are asked to contribute a family photo. 

Project Mission & Vision:

Sipp Culture’s mission is to increase access to resources for Utica residents and to support the community to regrow the economy and life of Utica. By telling and honoring the stories of Utica’s past through this digital archive and photo arts exhibition, we hope to create more opportunities for envisioning Utica’s future together as a community. You are invited to participate as little or as much as you like from the initial vision to the final exhibition – the Resident Artist is meant to serve as a conduit for community voice. This project is meant to name and uplift the community values that matter to you, whatever they may be.