Meet Chivona Roberts


  Sipp Culture is proud to announce the recent addition of Utica native and new team member, Chivona Roberts, to the Communications and Administrative Associate In her new role, Roberts will manage all of Sipp Culture’s social media presence, website, as well as the quarterly newsletter. She will also serve as communications liaison for all promotional events and be the primary contact regarding community outreach. 

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Photo By: Chivona Roberts

     Roberts began her association with Sipp Culture last summer as an integral part of the DigiCulture Lab, a month-long summer program for local middle school students. After recognizing her relentless passion for her community and exceptional skill regarding organization and communication, Roberts was asked to transition from part time to assume her current full time position with Sipp Culture. 

      As a lifelong resident of Utica, MS, Roberts has very strong ties to the community. She says she prefers the small town way of life where a person can still walk outside and just listen and enjoy the serenity of nature. She is the proud mother of two daughters, Farrah (9) and Cambre (7). Roberts says she enjoys spending quality time with her girls dining on seafood, telling each other jokes and fishing, one of her favorite hobbies. 

      In May of 2020, Roberts will graduate from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. “I have always wanted to finish what I started almost ten years ago, and it’s finally happening,” Roberts said. “I appreciate everyone who made it possible. But most of all I wanted to teach my children that it’s not how you start, but how you finish.”

        Roberts is extremely excited about the impact of Sipp Culture’s work as well as the future of her hometown. She feels to appreciate that work takes a visionary approach. “To have such a strong desire to introduce new growth within our community through agriculture and art is ideal,” Roberts remarked. “Considering the disadvantage we face here, the impact Sipp Culture brings will help to bridge the disconnect between sustaining an evolving community and becoming a self-supporting one.”

       Roberts’ outlook for the future of Utica is both determined and positive. She commented, “If we as a community begin to work together, we can build a foundation not even the strongest storm can tear apart. It starts with the work of Sipp Culture, but it has to be carried out by people who are willing to make a change.”

Written By: Anton D. Cole